Murang Negosyo! Affordable Food Cart Franchises Starting at P30,000.00!

“Start small but think big!” This is what my mentor told me when I started first doing business. I was working in an office, but I was unhappy and unsatisfied.

You probably want to start your own food cart (or else you won’t be reading this, will you?). Here is your chance! Our company, Silver Ace, is opening its doors to franchising for the Juan Masipag in you! Our food carts start at P30,000.00, very affordable and smart budding businessmen who are transitioning from working for a boss to being the boss!

(For inquires, call Mr. Borgy at @  09177949846 / 09989721346 / 02-9526266

Single Food Carts – P30,000.00 – 35,000.00

Our single carts are ready to operate food carts. Here is the list of what you will be getting when you franchise a single cart:

  • Usage of the Trade name, Logo and Other Company IP’s
  • Food Stall/Cart – Measures 3 x 2 x 6 ft.
  • Complete Set of Equipment (varies on the concept you want)
  • Crew Uniform and
  • P1,000.00 Sample Food Products (to get you started!)

A single cart looks like the one pictured on the right. Each food cart franchisee will be asked a location (or you can use the location services of our freelance locators) and will be protected withing 500 meter radius from future franchisees of the same concept. These food carts are P30,000.00 to P35,0000.00 to franchise.

Buko Freeze

Students, pedestrians and commuters just love this! Buko freeze is our best selling food cart right now. Because of the hot climate we have now, a nice buko shake will be your best bet if your area as a lot of foot traffic from the said group of people!

Tea Habit

Another best seller! Milk tea is also one of the concepts making waves now and Silver Ace is proud to present Tea Habit! Tea Habit will be most suitable for those who got college students as the target market. The milk tea drinks have different kinds of flavors and add-ons! Delicious!

Sub Zero

To complete our set of drinks franchise, Sub Zero is the traditional pearl shake franchise. This concept is best inside train, bus or jeepney stations, where is is hot and people have no choice but to wait (and get thirsty!). The pearl shakes have different flavors and add ons.

Grizzly Burger

The ubiquitous “buy 1 take 1 burger”! These are such a hit at most areas where people just want two burgers for the inexpensive price of one. Want a cut from the buy 1 take 1 burger trend? Get a Grizzly Burger franchise and compete with the big names such as Angels or Burger Machine!

Siomai Chino

Siomai! The best food concept for train stations is also on Silver Ace! You can start a siomai food cart business without using almost half a million for big names. We have different varieties of siomai: pork, shrimp, beef and my personal favorite, Japanese siomai!

Senior Bochok Rice Meals

Rice Meals are popular near office and workplaces, so if your target market are workers, then these cheap rice meals food cart franchise, Senior Bochok, will be a great start. Inexpensive, delicious lunch, who can resist?

Sisig Primo

Sisig! The old Kapampangan dish is also a trend right now. Popularity of this delicious pork dish makes Sisig Primo’s products as sellable as the big names! These are served with rice and comes in pork, chicken and bangus varieties.

Quickie Waffle

Waffles are one of the oldest and strongest food cart concept (Waffle Time comes to mind) and you can get a waffle business going when you target the younger students. Quickie Waffle is a great way to start your entrepreneurial dreams because of the small start up cost and high return.

Tara Balls

Tusok-tusok, meat-on-stick, balls. Whatever you call these finger food meats, you know you cannot resist these delicious treats. Tara Balls is the (cleaner) food stall version of the old fishballs that manong would peddle around your neighborhood in the afternoon. Tara Balls have fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, orlian and chicken balls, as well as kwek-kwek and tokneneng.

Chow Mien Noodles

Hong Kong style noodle, the fried noodles served in a cup and topped with siomai is a long trend in the Philippines. You can also start your own stir fried noodles food cart with Chow Mien Noodles and start making a long queue of hungry customers, looking to taste your products. Chow Mien also offers the traditional Ramen noodle soup, for those who want to warm up on rainy days.

Pizza Roulette

Pizza is one of my favorite meals and that’s why we added Pizza Roullete – a pizza food cart franchise. Unlike most food carts that serve ketchup-tasting pizza, our concept serve delicious pizza, with lots of toppings. We have Hawaiian, Ham and Cheese and Beefy, to name a few.

Frito Fries

Wedge cut fries that will make any mall goer take a double look! Warning, french fries are addictive!


2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Food Carts – P35,000.00 and P45,000.00 Respectively

If you want to maximize your returns, you can target multiple customers with two and three of the concepts above. 2-in1 and 3-in-1 food carts lets you choose two to three food concepts mentioned above and combine them in one food cart! We will double or triple the inclusions, aside from the food carts that just become bigger. The food cart looks like the image on the right.

2-in-1 costs P35,000.00 to franchise. This saves you around P25,000.00. Click here for more details.

3-in-1 costs P45,000.00 to franchise. This saves you a whopping P45,000.00. Click here for more details.


ALL ACCESS Package Costs P150,00.00 and includes:

  • Equipment
  • 1 Unit Chest Type Freezer
  • P15,000 product
  • Signage & Menu Boards
  • Uniform (Shirt,)
  • Seminar and training 500/head



Inquiries? Want to Start Franchising?

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