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The origin and invention of Zagu was not an ordinary one. Zagu was the brainchild of a young innovative woman who holds a degree in Food Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Like any other food franchising companies, Zagu underwent a series of experimentation and product sampling before it was introduced to the market in summer time of April 1999. To this date, Zagu has triumphed having more than a hundred pearl shake stands in the country. From a simple and tiny kiosk, it gave birth to a present network of almost 300 outlets nationwide.

Zagu has been waving its flag of success after gaining recognition and appreciation locally awards such as National Consumers Quality Awards and the Parangal ng Bayan People Choice Awards and international recognition through its partner in Sydney, Australia.

Zagu kiosks and stalls are very prevalent in the city as they are frequently seen in the malls, commercial establishments, school zones, public transportation terminal and everywhere. Zagu has always been backed up with the professional management team and committed staff that collaborate competently towards quality and excellence.


Why franchising this brand is a good choice?

Those attractive colors make every one grab a cup of yummy shakes. Zagu is undeniably the number one pearl shake business in the Philippines as its brand name has been established and well-recognized by the masses. As mentioned above, it became known to the public in 1999 and since then, Zagu has grown nationwide with thousands of franchisees. Zagu is a good choice when you are planning to start a franchise business because its success has been proved many times, and gained trust from its clients.

Zagu is a good choice because Filipinos love to grab something on their hand while wandering around the mall. Also, this is a cool and perfect buddy during summer season. We would definitely crave for a refreshing cold drink during summer or not.
Franchising Information

Zagu gives a wide opportunity for aspiring business partners and franchisees. They also see potential franchisees as internal customers collaborating competently towards success and excellence. If you are interested to franchise, there are series of steps for the application process prior to become their business partner. However, below are the some basic franchise inclusions which will help you understand and decide. 

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