How to Franchise Jamba Juice in the Philippines


The famous line that says “Health is wealth” actually signifies a lot of things. This may include embracing exercise as a lifestyle in itself and compelling healthy eating as a good habit. If these two are in your priority checklist every day, then you are definitely making the most of your lifetime. For some, this may just be an easy task to say but a very hard thing to do. Others may feel that this should be the goal of everyone as the ultimate desire of everyone is wellness and health. Of course with the correct mindset and a positive will to do it, achieving wealth in health just comes naturally easy.

On the other hand, eating healthy does not necessarily mean depriving oneself not to eat, but it is actually feeling great about what you eat, having the necessary and needed energy to boost yourself to push through the entire day and most of all stabilizing one’s mood so the sense of well-being and outlook with anything is much better.

This perspective then gave way to the birth of a food chain that takes care of all of these important things in life and that is to just simplify and inspire healthy living at its best. Jamba Juice was born and provided everyone with a variety of healthy eating options to indulge with. From juice to smoothies, to oats, energy bowls and baked goodies, rest assured that the ingredient is wholesome and definitely healthy.

History of Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a relatively new player in the market of healthy living brand. It was originally from USA and was particularly founded in California by Kirk Perron who is a health buff himself. Perron is an avid cyclist who wants to have a healthy, refreshing and convenient snack bar for him to replenish his body and mind after his long rides. Because of the non-availability of this need, he himself made his own freshly squeezed juices and blended smoothies which are all pure fruits, no artificial preservatives or colors. With this, little did he know that there are other people in his community that wants this and so he decided to open his own little juice business and named it as The Juice Club. The place then became an instant hit. Almost sixteen (16) years after, his concept now named Jamba Juice is all over the world. The company’s culture and commitment of taking care of the body, mind and soul as a way of celebrating life has paved the way for its popularity. Now with over 800 stores worldwide, the brand has become a fun and hip place for healthy eaters out there.

Jamba Juice Local Franchising Details

In the Philippines, Jamba Juice is under the Fresh Healthy Juice Boosters, Inc. This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Maxs Group, Inc. and is the company that holds the license to operate in the country. If you are interested to franchise Jamba Juice in your locality, below are the details and requirements:

Franchise Package

  • P3.1 Million to P3.6 Million for a kiosk type store
  • P4.8 Million to P5.3 Million for a flexible type store

The amount stated already includes the sub franchise fee, store construction, equipment, furniture and fixtures, manpower hiring and training, and pre-opening marketing activities. This does not include investment cost as it varies per location and size.

Floor Area Requirement

  • 15 – 25 square meter for a counter type store
  • 30 – 40 square meter for a flexible type store

Franchise Term

  • Sub franchise term is five (5) years and renewable for another five (5) years

Franchisee Qualifications

  • Experience in food and retail business is preferred
  • Financial Capability
  • The franchisee should have a good network in the trade area of the proposed store
  • Must have the infrastructure to manage the store

Advantages of Getting Jamba Juice Franchise Business

  • Healthy option brand for Filipinos
  • Franchise fee is affordable and reasonable for startup entrepreneurs in the provinces
  • Products, ingredients and supplies will be provided so supplies is not a problem
  • Training Program is provided and the fee is already included in the initial investment
  • Availability of standard store design, lay-out, equipment and facilities requirement
  • Periodic visits or continuing service are done to show management support

Disadvantages of Having a Jamba Juice Franchise

  • Location is subject to site assessment, analysis and approval and may take time to process
  • Needs experience in food business

Contact Information

For More Details of Jamba Juice in the Philippines, you may contact the following:

Phone: 784-9000 local 1502/1409

Fax: 784-9000 local 1513



Twitter: @jambajuiceph

Facebook Page:

Location: Penthouse, Ecoplaza Bldg., Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Makati City


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