New! Chikitos Chicken Barbecue Store Franchise!


Everybody loves chicken! Well, except those who allergic, but they wish they can love it! The bland taste of chicken meat readily absorbs whatever flavoring you add to the food. Since it is like a blank food canvass, it is one of the most flexible food one can prepare. One of the favorites of the Pinoy is chicken barbecue.

if you are trying to enter the food industry of selling chicken barbecue, then you should take a look at our latest creation: Chikitos!


Chikitos Franchise Details

Franchise fee: P250,000.00


  • equipments
    • salamander
    • rotisserie
  • menu
  • signage

The Chikitos Franchise Checklist


1. Fully accomplished approval application form.

2. Submit lD, Sketch if any.

3. Location assistance

  • Additional Charges 5,000
  • There will be an approval for location by the management

4. Business Permits Franchisee shall obtain at his own expense, any and all and national government permits, license, or other pertinent documents required for leasing.

5. Construction of location

  • Expenses will be shouldered by the franchisee.
  • Perspective /Design will be secured by company.

6. Business Account Manager will be the one who will conduct the outlet inspection

  • Inspector should be allowed to conduct inspection anytime during operation.
  • Outlet will be submitting sales expense report everyday thru email or text.
  • Management will be allowed to inspect outlet inside and out.

7. Crew for training fee (4,500 per head ) is limited to 2 persons only.

8. Franchise payment made is non-refundable.

Policies When Obtaining a Chikitos Franchise

1. Submit profile and business if any.

2. Site/location is subject to approval.

3. Location assistance with charge corresponding to territory.

4. Business license to secure individually by business/franchiser/owners.

5. Training with minimum charge, process timeline is 1-2 weeks OJT or onsite.

6. Process timeline upon franchise is minimum of 30 days and maximum of 60 days.

7. Free equipment is included in promo, until further notice.

More Pictures of Chikito Franchise

chickitos-fronchise-2 chickitos-franchise-3

Interested in Franchising Chikitos Chicken Barbecue?

Interested in franchising? Call or text me, Mr. Borgy  @ 09177949846 / 09989721346 / 02-9526266You can also comment through the form below and I will answer through email (with in 24 hours). You can also check the FAQ’s and view the actual pictures of food carts here.


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