Buko Factory

Tired and thirsty? Do you want a refreshing and healthier way to quench your thirst after a long and tiring day? Why not try Buko Factory? Buko Factoryis the healthier alternative to common yet sugary and artificially made beverage like soft drinks, powdered juice or sports drink. The natural buko juice that the Filipinos loved got better and more refreshing than ever! It is now encased in a bottle with straw for easier and a more convenient way to drink especially for people who are always on the go.

buko factory

The delicious buko juice is made fresh just for you! You will not only quench your thirst but this will also give you a lot of benefits like improving your bowel movement, gives you more fiber, gives you vitamins and minerals that keeps your cells intact and functioning well. Buko juice is also known to help in lowering cholesterol level as well as normalizing the sugar level of the body. Compared to soft drinks, powdered juice or sports drinks, buko juice has less calories, less sodium and has more potassium. You will not only be energized when you drink buko juice but you will also feel revitalized and pumped up! No wonder why this food cart concept has become one of the most sought after among the rest. It has gained its popularity not just because of the convenience it brings but also because of the delectable product that keeps its patrons longing for more.



Buko Factory is Php 35,ooo.oo to franchise and includes:

  • Use of Name and Logo
  • Collapsible Food Cart
  • 1 unit Blender
  • 1 Cap Puncher
  • 1 Set Measuring cups
  • 1 Funnel
  • 1 Crew uniform (shirt)
  • 1,000 worth Sample products
  • Franchisee training 500/head

Did you know that you can add Buko Factoryto a 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 food cart? You can maximize the profit and save money on franchising!

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